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The De Young

When the sun shines in San Francisco, the city goes crazy!  We all emerge out of our boots and scarves and transform into sun dresses and yes… even roller blades.  I was lucky enough to have plans with my wonderful and talented friend Brian to explore The De Young Museum, which I’m sad to say, I had never been to. So the sun is shinning, and I am going to a museum to look at pretty things… time to whip out the sun dress!  And that’s exactly what I did!

Found the perfect over the shoulder shot thanks to Brian’s awesome art direction!

Soaking up the sun. I should also say, that hot days aren’t always my favorite.  Because I don’t feel comfortable wearing itty bitty bikinis, or super short shorts, summer time can be a bit annoying wardrobe wise.  But this sun dress was light, cut into my curves comfortably.  I found it at Held Over on Haight street, great investment and I look forward to filling my closet with more of them!

I apparently can’t stay away from gold/yellow.

 Then is was lunch time!  Yummy.  We had a great little day after! Went to the Haight to scout out a location where Brian’s band will be performing, then ice cream, running into my boss and her adorable daughter and of course a bit of thrift store shopping as well as record shopping!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, and I look forward to many many more to come!

And be sure to check out my friends work at bmeddlesome.com!