A little bit about me.

Hey there, I am currently living in San Francisco looking for a job in Advertising, and let me tell you, it’s NOT easy!  But alas, to fill my time up, I have picked up sewing, playing the ukulele and now BLOGGING!  woot.

My view

As you may have read in my post, I am a curvy little mama living in a not so friendly curveless world.  In the past I have been caught up in the trends, and sometimes that didnt always make me happy.  For example, skinny jeans… I think it took me three years to find some that finally fit me without making me feel like poo!  So I went online and found that there wasn’t a ton of information about what works best for someone with curves, hence this blog!

I am sure I will be sharing more,  ya know, it’s all about the journey 🙂  Hope you enjoy reading, and hopefully you will share with me and we can explore the world of fashion for curves together.

xo Korin

Dolores Park



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