Soaking Up Some Sun

Who hates a sunny day?  Well, to be perfectly honest sometimes I do… I just hate being sweaty.  blah  But I was fortunate to spend some time outside, saoking it in, shopping and lounging.

Pants: H&M Shirt: Can't remember 😦 Shoes: Naya

I love shopping... for anything.

So I really loved this outfit because despite the heat I didn’t feel like I had to run around in short shorts and a tiny tank top… I am just now getting used to showing my arms so I slightly cringe at the idea of a tank top, so this top enables me to take baby steps. hehe  But the pants fit comfortable and were breathable… tmi, but important.  And the top was loose fitting which helped, because I dislike clingy things in the sunshine. Again with the sweating. gross.

And what do you think, taking better pictures?  Less awkward?  Maybe a little less anyways?  Hope you are all having a great month of Septemeber!  I know I am, and I will be sharing the good times soon enough!

xox, Korin


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