One Lucky Girl

Hello all!  So far it has been an amazing Birthday Month, and the beautful thing is, it’s only half over!  woot.

I was able to visit the family this weekend and in doing saw was able to recieve my graduation ring from my mother…. it’s story time.  Get comfortable and grab a cup of coffee and a tissue box if you are so inclined 😉

When I was a little girl, I’d say five years old… or so my mother would say, I bought her a persent out of one of those quarter machines… and I was thinking about it the other day, and had it been an actual toy and not a ring I probably would have kept it, all jokes aside!  But fate should have it that it was a ring, and so I ended up giving it to my mama.  And in being the amazing woman/mother that she is, she would wear it all the time.  The funny thing was, that she would get compliments on it ALL the time… “what a gorgeous ring, where did you get it?”   Mom would just smile and tell them the story.

SOOOO, in celebration of me FINALLY graduating college she had the ring…. yes, she STILL has it… molded and made into a very real ring for me!  It is the most beautiful sentimental thing I have EVER recieved… so much so, that I’m nervous to EVER take it off, and ultra careful in the shower!  (Anyone remember that scene from Apollo 13 when the wife loses her ring down the drain while her hubby is still floating in space??  Not Okay!)



Sharing the Birthday Love!


Was able to share in some good times!  And what can I say?  I’m one lucky girl!!

xox Korin


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  1. awww, love that! you are so fortunate to have such a great mom and someday your daughter will be too!


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