First Outfit… woot.

So here it is. First outfit in the “outfit” category!  Yay!

This outfit I put together for the perfect day at the park.  Hanging with friends, laying in the grass and soaking in the sun.  Now the thing about living in the city is that you never know how the weather is going to be, so I matched a tank with a fun blazer.

Pants and Blazer from H&M Shoes: Keds Tank: Target

Had fun playing in the sun, hanging out with Camille, people watching and getting my pictures taken!  Hope you are all enjoying the summer as it comes to a close… personally Fall is my favorite, so I say BRING IT ON!  Bye bye Summer.  I want pumpkin pie and Christmas lights.

xox, Korin


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  1. Whoaaaa slow down Jiminy Cricket, let’s not say goodbye to the summer too quickly! Love me some heat first and a pearl (or two) of sweat rolling down my back.
    Sept-Oct is summer in SF, baby!!

    Joli ensemble btw. ;D


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