Self Portraits??

Okay…. So the awesome news is that I was able to see Ben Harper perform at the Warfield last week!  Yes, he is beautiful, and thee most talented slide guitarist I know off!  So, with that said, I was wearing something that I wanted to use as an “outfit of the day” as it were and found out that I am terrible at taking pictures by myself!  TERRIBLE!  and awkward, oh lord is it awkward, and lucky for you I have decided to man up and share them with you.  Mostly because I think (and hope) that there will be a transformation and I will grow from an ugly duckling to a vivacious camera ready swan.

Just terrible

SEE!!  I told you!  So there it is.  I even made it large and in charge.  I mean, I know I am a colorful mess, but it was fun and comfortable and I CLEARLY was not hiding from anyone.  I think planes up above could have spotted me!  ANYWAYS, all this to say, that I am learning and loving my clothes and the skin that I put them on.
One more thing… no big deal, but I met Ben Harper… and what better place to boast about it?  So here it is, my one claim to fame…..
And no worries, I have asked my beautiful friend to take my pictures from now on… it can only get better from here… right?
Be sure to send out good thoughts.
xo Korin

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  1. Did you ever hear back from the drummer boy? That was also a really great night…We must consider doing another concert real soon. 🙂


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