Time Travel

Going back… and why not?  Low rise?  Bleh.  All low rise means for me is my stomach is over my jeans and I am grumpy and uncomfortable.  But when I throw on a dress that hugs my waist and hides my lovin, not to mention some fun colored tights, I am a confident and slightly brighter girl (literally).

I am inspired by the 60’s and the 70’s…. the 70’s mostly for the bright colors and clunky funky shoes and the 60’s for that clean tailored look.

Here are some examples of what I means….

Mad men isn’t my favorite, but there is no denying the gorgeous dresses!  Too cute.

I am thinking about the gloves~  very girlie.
Gotta love that chunky heel.
And one more for mad men and us curvy ladies!  woot
Just gorgeous.

PLUS: I got a sewing machine!  Anyone brave enough to do it?  Or do you already sew?  I would be open to some tips 🙂

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