Shopping Starter

I am 5’5, 180 pounds and don’t love wearing heels.  But here is the trick… comfortable heels!  I did my research and found that chunky heels are better for a curvy body, AND they are more comfortable!  Win win if you ask me.

These are a couple of styles that I have found that work well:
Bakula: This is great for a working setting and looks awesome with pencil skirts.
Maize: Comes in three different colors, and is great for the summer time.  You can wear them with wide leg pants, capris and summer dresses.  (I walked all day in them, they are great.)
These: I bought these in red from H&M, put a little something at the ball of my foot, and they are golden.  Great for going out, grabbing a drink and wearing your Red Lipstick!

Another problem that I was having was jeans… ugh, my midsection is my least favorite. But its what I got, and I am going to stinkin WORK IT OUT!  I have the skinny jeans because, lets face it, they look fabs on those models!  But they just don’t work for me, so I did a little research and found that wide legged jeans looks better on us…. I know what you’re thinking… wider… I don’t want to look wider, and trust me, neither do I.  But none the less, girl, it looks WAY better.

Went to GAP, told the sales person what I was looking to change, and because she herself was a curvalicious, she pointed me to the “Long and Lean” designed jeans.  I grabbed a 12 and a 14…. not grabbing a 14 was hard for me, because no girl wants to go up… But I have learned from past experiences, I would rather buy something that fits me and makes me look great, then getting up in the morning and HATING everything I try on because I’m uncomfortable.  So own it… and be sure to buy what fits you.  Like they say, its just a number.  Anyways…. was able to wear the size 12, one because it was higher on my waist and the women also said they would stretch.  But they felt great, hugged my thighs and made my flat bootie look gooooood.  I was prepared to put in some serious time jean shopping, but I was happy that I found a style and a brand that wasn’t too expensive.

Another pair that I bought was from H&M again, and it was kind of a sailor pant.  That I bought in a 14 and it’s a bit tight on, but I wore a shirt that I tucked in and pulled out a little so that it wasn’t clingy and it worked out well hiding that bit of lovin that was hanging over 😉  I personally felt good that day because not only was the outfit simple, but it LOOKED like I put effort in it.  Didn’t just throw on tights and a frumpy dress.  boo.

Pencil skirts are clearly something that should be a staple in any girls wardrobe.  Although summer time is coming up…. or in some cases is already here… )the weather here in San Francisco is just starting to do its thang) flowy skirts may be intriguing… but don’t do it!  You can get a light colored Pencil skirt and summer time colored tank top with a belt and work out that for your summer time look.  And of course work out those summer dresses.  High waisted are the best.

Have fun shopping.


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