Pool Side

So my bestie suggested that I adDRESS the suimsuit issue.  I basically only wear a two piece when I am poolside at my parents house by myself and thats about it.  I know that its such a double standard for girls… guys can walk around with not only a beer belly, but a HAIRY beer belly.  Not Cute!

Here is my suggestion, as much as I want to get that tan, I suggest that we save the two piece for the pool side… unless you feel fine in a two piece.  In that case, I say WERK!  For me, when people are around… and for me, I am the biggest girl out of my friends, so it can be disheartning.  This is what I did… I found a cute earth tone one piece that has a tube top so I dont get lines on my shoulders.  One piece, check.  Next I would say some type of wrap, so me, I bought a pair of high waisted shorts that are super sassy, and I can keep them on if I am feeling a llittle uncomfortable…. or shall we say, bloated?

Here is an example, I presonally don’t love patterns, but either way it would work.

Once you got these basics, throw on some sexy espadrilles, get a fun floppy hat and some sassy jewelry and you will be ready to drink margaritas and rock it by the pool.  Please us SPF…. skin cancer doesn’t work on anyone, curvy or not.


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