No More

Have you ever gone shopping and found that NOTHING fits the way you want?  That maybe the trends that are out there right now just stinkin arent for you?  This has happened to me more times then I would like to admit.  I was having a movie night with a couple of friends the other night and we watched Gentlemen Perfer Blondes and I was inspired!  I realized that there is true beauty in curves!

When I was younger I was a tomboy… I didn’t carry a mirror with me, or make up.  I would throw jeans and a t-shirt on, put my hair in a pony tail and wondered why I would feel like a scrubby girl at the end of the day… because that’s exactly what I was.  BUT NO MORE!!
Ladies, we have to love our bodies, no matter our shape!  And we have to dress FOR our bodies, not just shop for whatever is in fashion or trendy.  That’s why I started this blog.  I went on a search to find help on the best way to dress myself and where would be the best places to shop, and there wasnt a ton of help out there.  So here it is.  Women loving thier curves, being glamorous and no more hiding floppy sweaters and baggy clothes.  NO MORE!
So… there are a couple of things.  I am curvy, but not necessarily in all the “right places”, so there are some things that I want to do to get my sexy curves on, and something all women should do.  Because the more I looked up curvy women, people like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, which is fine… but lets be real.  My bootie isnt at the gym as much as they are, and my curves are different.
1.)  Drink more water!  it makes for gorgeous skin, and lets face it, we all need to drink more water.
2.) Clean out my closet of things that dont flatter me, or that I wear when I want to “hide”
3.) Be inspired by glaamour!  I put a picture of Marilyn Monroe on my phone to be inpsired by her feminine inspired look.
This is the picture that I have… I picked it because she isnt all done up, its simple and girly and gorgeous.
Good luck to you all out there.  Be confident and feel beautiful in the clothes that you wear.  Don’t hide, don’t be afraid to be different or stand out.  You’ll feel better and look fabulous!  I found this great link that I found was helpful and slightly inpiring!

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