Its SEW easy

So I have found something that has completly opened my eyes to a new way of shopping.  Tailoring!  I was reading an article about America Ferrera, and she was saying that she has to get most of her clothes tailored… because honestly what clothes fits perfectly on everyone?!  Its stinkin impossible!  And here I am getting all upset in the dressing room…. when in reality I can make this fit AND make it fit well!

Now, I know that it can be a bit annoying to find something that is already expensive just to hand it off to someone and pay extra… so I say hit those thrift stores hard and strong.  I personally was just at a store, found a dress and wasnt really sure what to look for when it came to possible tailoring options, so I asked a person that worked there, and she gave me a simple solution and I went home and did it myself, super domestic and super easy.

As for tailors, I would say just ask around, find the best price etc… maybe even ask your mama or find a youtube video!  The options are endless!

Have fun to the new experience of shopping!


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