Closet Cleaning

So I was lame and took a nap today which caused me to wake up at 8pm… wide awake.  So I sat and watched WEEDS, even though I don’t really love it, and practiced my ukulele.

I have been perusing the Internet and have been inspired by styles and fits and was suddenly filled with the urge to get rid of stuff!  (I figure this way I wont feel do guilty when buying things later…. 😉 )

So I cleaned out all the clothes that I haven’t worn in a year at least, and all the clothes that I tend to wear when I want to hid and am giving away some shoes and the rest is going in a give away bag.  I am feeling pretty good and the closet is lookin good too.

I admit that I have some laundry that needs to be done!  Hence all the hangers…. BUT, I promise I got rid of stuff!
I see some serious thrift store shopping in my future… Friday IS pay day.
sweet dreams.
PS.  I apologize for the iphone pictures… I can’t find the cord to my camera…. lame I know.

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