Dock by the Bay

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It was a beautiful day to be on the bay… although a bit cold. But I don’t know why I expected anything less.  I was lucky enough to be invited out on a sailing boat by my friend Jessica and her co workers!  SPOILED.

The beginning was smooth sailing… literally!  We all had a nice complimentary brunch, went under the Bay Bridge and made our way past the Port of San Francisco. 

It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun, looking in on the city!  And let’s be honest, anytime you know you’re going to be on a boat, you can’t help but want to dress the part!  So I went with the red & white stripes and lots of sunscreen 🙂

Crazy Hair.

Then we headed into the fog, which NO ONE was taking pictures because at that point we were all freezing!  But once we turned around and headed back into the city, it was just as beautiful as we left it.

Cheers to many more days in the sun!  (and being able to dress the part)

Korin xox


The De Young

When the sun shines in San Francisco, the city goes crazy!  We all emerge out of our boots and scarves and transform into sun dresses and yes… even roller blades.  I was lucky enough to have plans with my wonderful and talented friend Brian to explore The De Young Museum, which I’m sad to say, I had never been to. So the sun is shinning, and I am going to a museum to look at pretty things… time to whip out the sun dress!  And that’s exactly what I did!

Found the perfect over the shoulder shot thanks to Brian’s awesome art direction!

Soaking up the sun. I should also say, that hot days aren’t always my favorite.  Because I don’t feel comfortable wearing itty bitty bikinis, or super short shorts, summer time can be a bit annoying wardrobe wise.  But this sun dress was light, cut into my curves comfortably.  I found it at Held Over on Haight street, great investment and I look forward to filling my closet with more of them!

I apparently can’t stay away from gold/yellow.

 Then is was lunch time!  Yummy.  We had a great little day after! Went to the Haight to scout out a location where Brian’s band will be performing, then ice cream, running into my boss and her adorable daughter and of course a bit of thrift store shopping as well as record shopping!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, and I look forward to many many more to come!

And be sure to check out my friends work at!


New Years Inspiration

New Years Inspiration

The New Year has come and passed, and it is another year and so far there is a lot to celebrate.  I recently just got a new job (check it out http://www.localhero.come) which allows me to plan my future a bit more clearly.

My number one inspiration for the new year is my momma!  in 2011 she did her first full marathon!  I was able to be there and support her for it, and it truly was an encouraging sight to see.  We talk on the phone everyday, so I was able to share her journey of long runs, soreness and perserverness to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to run before work!  Then I got to see her at the finish line, and she was so amazing!  I am only encouraged to get out there and to get healthy and start running.  I don’t think I could do 26.2 miles, but I’m not excluding the idea!


We were able to go with her to get her number and register!  EXCITING!

My mom had no idea that we had stuck that sticker on her BEEhind.  Muhaha.  Even Tomlin (the dog) knew what was up.


I am sorry, but I know that I wouldn’t be looking as good as this group of people if I ran as far as they did! Sexy group!

I know that my mom would say, if she could do it, you can do it!  And it’s totally true!  She did a really bad ass thing… now I will be totally honest and say that I can live the rest of my life without running a marathon… but a fun 5k wouldn’t be too bad!  Congrats again mom!  You truly are my HERO!

Korin xox

A day in the City

Just wanted to share in my exploration of color.

Comfy shoes are mandatory for exploring SF.

Hoping I continue to go bold and beautiful with the color!  Any suggestions?

Korin xo

Day to Evening

Sometimes living in the city doesn’t always allow time in between day time activities and night time activities.  There have been times that I have had to plan my outfit based on what I am going to do not only that day, but also for the evening.  So I recommend, a simple black dress, fun, funky shoes, and some accessories.

Then, night time: lose the hat, and the tights and add a little red lip gloss! woot


Korin xo


Hello all!  Hope everyone is having a relaxing week.  The past few months have been a little crazy, but I shouldnt complain.  I am finally able to get back into the groove and I have made some interesting things that I want to do for myself and with all of you readers.

I am here to share my experience with you about being a curvy gal in a more or less skinny world.  And with that said I am glad to say that I have only been encouraged by this, but I have to admit that even I wake up certian days and I am grumpy pants, and don’t “feel” pretty.

There are three things that I want to do:

  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Eat Healthier
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise atleast 10 minutes a day

I realize that these seem like simple things, but for me they really are a challange!  And I am not doing it to be SKINNY… by no means!  But healthy is important… right now I can’t walk up a slight incline without turning red in the face and dripping through my shirt. (Gross I know)  Anyways, I was reading this article that I found on StumpleUpon:

I found it an interesting take on the difference of fashion and blah blah blah.  Read and see how your feel about it, and come to your own conclusion.  I personally want hips and boobs and a butt… thats what MAKES me a woman.

So I invite you to join me on this not so unique quest to live a healthy lifestyle while maintaining my feminine shape and exploring new fashions and plan just loving life!!  And promise me this… that you do it for yourself.  No one else.  Because life wont be worth living until you love yourself.


Korin xo


The past few weeks have been crazy, and only lately have I been able to pop my head out.


I was able to visit the ‘rents in Claremont California this past weekend, and was able to snatch up this cute skirt from my mama.  Apparently she had the same type of outfit when she was pregos with me.  So, I was able to work it out, and it was a comfy, cut and perfect for the southern california weather.





And we were able to shop around the little farmers market in the village.  I love the small town feel.























Thanks for the hospitality C-Mont!

xox, Korin